As a Food Experience Architect and Instructional Psychologist, Michelle Seidling, PhD empowers working professionals to develop healthy, sustainable eating habits for life success. She helps people worldwide transform their mindset about food as a catalyst for positive change. 

Michelle helps people prioritize healthy eating, build their self-confidence, and use the power of food to live a healthier and more joyous life. She believes that self-confidence is built by taking care of yourself from a food and wellness perspective. Providing people with the tools and strategies for life success is key to developing self-confidence.

Michelle is a regular publisher on Thrive Global. She has been a guest on podcasts such as Bare Slate, Peaceful Creativity, The Goal Achievement Podcast. She is also a speaker and podcaster on connecting food with life success.

Receiving her PhD in Instructional Psychology and Technology, and her M.S. in Training and Development helped Michelle focus on customizing training and instruction to meet the learning needs of each individual. Whether providing one-on-one training or hosting a group event, Michelle ensures people come away with a better understanding of a topic and the ability and motivation to apply those principles to their lives.

Michelle is constantly building her expertise through food research and professional development. She is a ferocious reader of all things food and wellness. Her ability to organize and communicate complicated information in layman’s terms has made her a sought-after trainer, writer, and speaker.

Michelle is a military veteran. With expertise in communications and training, she has served in leadership positions across the United States. Michelle enjoys training individuals and groups both large and small. Her favorite part of training is seeing the Aha! moments come alive with enthusiasm and motivation for the future.

When she is not training or foodie-ing, Michelle enjoys traveling with her husband, exploring the great outdoors, and attending art and theatre events.

A little trivia about Michelle

  • I have been to 49 out of the 50 United States (Can you guess which state I have yet to visit?).
  • I love hiking. I have been to several national parks across the United States to enjoy the beauty and adventure of the outdoors.
  • I love road biking. I completed a 100-mile bike tour that was both grueling and exhilarating. Early morning bike rides across less-traveled roads and trails are my favorite.
  • I love maps and geography.
  • I’m a history junkie.