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Being a foodie is not just about the food. It is not just about having a favorite dish or going to a favorite restaurant. It is about sharing your inner passion. It is about seeking out the good things in life, and what makes you happy.

It is about finding that secret ingredient that sparks you. It helps you develop your talents and skills.

Food may be the medium, but being a foodie is really about creativity. It is about teaching, learning, and sharing what you love with others. Yes, you can be a foodie by yourself, but it’s not nearly as fun!

I’m not sure of when the birth of my foodie-ism came to be, but I know that it really manifested itself over the last 20 years or so as I have sought to share what I love with others.

I dated and married a foodie! When my husband and I were dating, food brought us together. We took a sushi cooking class (in a word: YUM). We shared different recipes (everything from family favorites to those on our favorite food websites). We cooked many meals together.

sushi making representing Food Experience Unplugged

When we got married, I left my job in assessment and training, moved to another state, and started a new life. These changes allowed me to explore the talents and skills I have acquired over the years.

Still being foodies, my husband and I kept up our recipe creation and sharing adventures as newlyweds. My particular field of expertise in instructional development was not very welcome in my new state. However, I was determined to put my skills to work. I wanted to share my talents and abilities to help others.

My husband and I put our heads together to think about what makes us, well, us. We considered creating a traditional food blog with a host of different recipes and ideas and tips. We knew we did not want to open a restaurant, but we did want to share our passion for food.

We wanted to merge my skills in training and instruction with our knowledge of food and health. We wanted to help people to find their inner self – their inner foodie.

Restaurant representing Food Experience Unplugged

Essentially, we wanted to create a vehicle to capture and communicate the food experience. That idea of the food experience sparked our palates.

We researched and discussed things like what factors make up the food experience, why it is important, how people can replicate those factors in their own lives, and what are some examples people can use to emulate those factors.

More importantly, we considered how we should communicate these ideas in a way that is down-to-earth, motivating, and informative. Thus the birth of Food Experience Unplugged.

The food experience is not just a passing fad. Engaging in the food experience, and particularly having positive food experiences, is a way of life. It means sharing a part of your inner self.

Food is a medium for communication, for teaching and learning, and for life success. We help people to bring out the foodies in themselves!

Why the food experience?

There is a need to bring back the food experience in people’s lives in order to build physical, emotional, and social health. We are often hurried with job, family, and other responsibilities. Food often falls to the bottom of the list.

Sometimes we resort to a fast food drive-thru, quick prepared meals picked up from a grocery store or other eatery, or just resorting to junk food. People seem to have lost what food means and how it can benefit their lives. We are not just referring to a biological need for food. Food is also vital for the entire life experience.

Why Food Experience Unplugged?

Why the phrase Food Experience Unplugged? The phrase means returning to the core and root of the food experience. It means focusing on natural, quality foods and associated experiences.

This phrase represents tradition, innovation, and direction.

Tradition: Cooking together representing tradition at Food Experience Unplugged

The phrase Food Experience Unplugged refers to bringing back traditional values of food, friends, and family.

It also refers to bringing back tried and true techniques for cooking and eating.

We believe that tradition means making the time to create positive food experiences regardless of your situation. We believe that traditional food and mealtime values apply to everyone, whether dining alone or with others. We encourage gathering together with friends and family to make food experiences positive, meaningful and memorable.


The phrase Food Experience Unplugged is innovative in learning new ideas, information, and resources to build positive food experiences for yourself and for those around you.

Drawing on research, information, and resources helps you to apply those teachings in your own life. You can continually develop innovative ways for creating positive food experiences. We encourage you to put your own twist and efforts into building healthy eating habits.

Man eating a salmon dinner representing innovation at Food Experience Unplugged


The phrase Food Experience Unplugged also encourages direction, moving up and forward in creating healthy eating habits.

We believe that as you learn new information about the connection between food and health, and apply that information in your life, your food experiences and overall outlook on life will increase. Direction indicates a constant desire to improve and learn about how to create healthy eating habits in your life.

What can you expect from Food Experience Unplugged?

At Food Experience Unplugged, we help you to create healthy eating habits by giving you examples, resources, and information to learn from, including

  • Providing information and resources:
    • Video Podcasts
    • Blog Posts and News Updates
    • Individualized Coaching
    • Online Courses
    • Group Training and Workshops
  • Documenting food experiences from all walks of life to provide you with examples based on your situation
  • Examining the food experience in different environments to help you recognize the factors comprising positive food experiences


We invite your comments, questions, and suggestions about the food experience as we move forward to help you build healthy eating habits. Let’s have fun and learn together!