Discover Holistic Steps to Better Breast Health (Ep. 52)

Motivational speaker and thermography expert Patricia Luccardi is on a mission to help build awareness of breast health. For Patricia and so many others, small changes can make a big difference in focusing on your health.

From thyroid issues to breast cancer, to other illnesses, thermography looks at heat regions in the body. Thermography can often detect issues early to allow for proper treatment and recovery.

In addition to thermography detection, many lifestyle changes may help prevent breast cancer or other issues.

Food choices, limiting exposure to environmental toxins, and decreasing the use of plastics are just a few changes people can make for a healthier life.

In this episode, discover holistic steps to better breast health.

Discover for Yourself Holistic Steps to Better Breast Health:

  • What are the current statistics of breast cancer?
  • What is thermography and what role does it play in breast health?
  • What factors affect breast health (foods, supplements, emotions, environment, etc.)?
  • What positive nutrition and lifestyle changes can we make to encourage good breast health?

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