Fascinating Environment Tactics That Can Help You Build Healthy Habits (Ep. 51)

After losing the ability to walk due to a chronic illness, Environmental Psychologist Lee Chambers began “a journey of self discovery to understand how powerful suffering can be to help you grow as an individual.”

Understanding the role of environment from a physical and psychological perspective helped him overcome chronic illness and walk again. Lee is now on a quest to help others create better versions of themselves through small and simple changes.

“The environment plays a pivotal role in implementing habits. When it comes to actually building habits, it’s important that we consider visibility. The massive part of environment is to make what you need easier and more accessible.”

From workplaces to nature, Lee understands the balance that should exist between people and their environment in order for change and growth to occur.

“When we build our environments around shaping our habits, we also build the environment that creates a level of reward for completing our habit.”

In this episode, discover the role of environment in creating healthy habits.

Discover Environment for Yourself:

  • What role does the environment play in building healthy habits?
  • How can people become more aware of their environment as it pertains to building healthy habits?
  • What are some success stories of how people have used their environment to build healthy habits? 
  • What are some steps people can take to create an environment conducive to building healthy habits?

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