(Video) 4 Brilliant Ways to Have Joy (Ep. 47)

Lisa Dimino White is on a mission “to inspire others to seek out joy for themselves, their communities, and all of humankind.”

As a speaker, coach, and author of the book, Bursting with Happiness: How Bursts of Joy Can Change Your Life and the Lives of Everyone Around You, Lisa focuses on navigating through whatever challenges we face in order to create joy. “Just because I have my challenges doesn’t mean I can’t be joyful. There are ways to navigate around those challenges and still live a happy life.”

Lisa goes by the acronym CARE (catch the podcast for more details) to be purposeful and passionate about the happiness she creates in her own life. “The more bursts of joy we can create in our lives, the happier our lives will be.”

Lisa also focuses on being an influence for good in helping others to create their own happiness. “We have more influence and impact on others than we think we do.”

In this episode, learn the role of joy in building healthy habits and how you can be an influence for good to create happiness for yourself and those around you.

Discover for Yourself:

  • What is joy, and why is it important? 
  • How does joy affect life decisions and goals?
  • What are some challenges people face in developing joy?
  • What are some success stories where joy has helped people develop healthy habits?
  • What are some steps people can take to develop happiness?
  • What resources are particularly helpful for those trying to develop joy in their lives?

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  • Twitter: @the_joy_seeker

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