(Video) Discover How to Persevere When Life Hands You Lemons (Ep. 46)

“Don’t let your life circumstances take you out of the game!” – Susan Wheeler

Susan Wheeler is a world-class overcomer. As a Mindset Coach, speaker, and author of The Lemonade Diet: How To Persist, Persevere And Make Lemonade, When Life Hands You Lemons, Susan is used to persevering through challenges and coming off conqueror!

“People resist change because it is uncomfortable. We’re wired for ease,” says Susan. “We’re not wired to do something hard or complicated. When something comes up that is unexpected, you have to figure it out.”

 And figure it out she did. When life handed her one lemon after another, Susan continued to persevere from those experiences and become even better. 

Without financial resources for college, she became a life-long learner and built an eight-figure business from the ground up. Several years after a debilitating accident, she became a competitive runner. The list of achievements goes on and on. 

“What we don’t realize is how important attitude is. Attitude is everything,” asserts Susan. “When you push through [an adversity], it makes you think you can push through just about anything.”

In this episode, learn how to persevere through challenges and conquer your goals.

Discover for Yourself How to Persevere:

  • Why is it often a struggle for people to see challenges as a learning experience? 
  • What is the role of attitude in achieving your goals?
  • What are some success stories as people have turned negative situations into positive ones (i.e., turning lemons into lemonade)? How has their ability to achieve their goals grown as a result?
  • What steps can people take to focus on positivity in the quest for goal achievement?

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