(Video) The Busy Parents Guide to Healthy Eating for Kids (Ep. 45)

When is comes to nutritional challenges in children, Registered Dietitian Jennifer Belanger has seen it all. Underweight, overweight, food allergies, you name it!

The key to healthy eating for kids is education. Jennifer helps to educate both parents and children about food choices, setting healthy boundaries, and the importance of making healthy foods more available.

Jennifer teaches in accordance with Registered Dietitian Ellyn Sadder’s “Division of Responsibility” when she states, “It’s the parents’ responsibility to put food on the table. They decide what will be served and when. It’s the child’s job to eat the food.”

Giving children autonomy over their food choices helps them build healthy eating habits for the long term.

Jennifer asserts that, “Research tells us that when we keep meals more low pressure, kids have more control over their own body and what feels good to them. Isn’t that what we really want to instill in our children? That will transpire into so many other areas of their lives as they get older.” Healthy eating for kids pays off for years to come.

Even though Jennifer’s primary focus is working with children, the parents also benefit in improving their own eating habits.

Steps such as designating mealtimes, eliminating distractions, and involving children in the mealtime process are very powerful ways to build healthy eating for kids and great eating habits for the whole family.

In this episode, learn how you as a busy parent can pay it forward by teaching your children about food and wellness.

Discover Healthy Eating for Kids:

  • -What are some common challenges parents face regarding mealtime? 
  • -What role do food experiences play in building a child’s relationship with food?
  • -What are some success stories as parents have set good examples for their children regarding food, mealtime, and healthy eating?
  • -What steps can parents take to be a positive influence on their children’s eating habits and relationship with food?

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Choose My Plate from the USDA: https://www.ChooseMyPlate.gov

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