(Video) Sick And Tired Of Doing Goal Setting the Old Way? Read Timely Tips Here (Ep. 44)

Austin Bollinger, is the founder of the Daily New Years blog, and author of the book Crush Your Goals: Trade Your Old, Tired Resolutions for a Goal Setting Strategy that Gets Results!

Austin has always been a self-starter, striving for personal improvement every day. He lives by the acronym FAIL, which stands for First Attempt In Learning. He motivates himself and those he coaches toward self improvement.

“Goals aren’t meant to make you perfect; they are meant to make you better than you were before,” says Austin. “Goals are a system of improvement. They are ways we improve our lives, and keep striving for the things we want.”

We may want to improve our lives, but often we are held back from our goal setting because of fear.

“Everyone has goals,” assures Austin. I think sometimes people are afraid to admit they have goals and dreams, because if we don’t admit we have dreams or goals, then we can’t be let down if they don’t come true.”

Austin helps people work past their fears and stay motivated to achieve their goals.

 “A lot of people don’t set goals because it’s fear, it’s not necessarily motivation. If they can get past their fear, then they can stay motivated to keep working towards it for the long term.” 

In this episode, discover how you can focus on goal setting strategies to achieve your goals all year long.

Discover for yourself:

  • What’s different about this book?
  • What are goals? How are they different from habits, plans, or other common concepts? 
  • Why is it important to have goals in life?
  • What role does mindset play in goal setting and achieving your goals?
  • What are some success stories as people have used various strategies to crush their goals?
  • What are some steps people can take to play an active role in achieving their goals?

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