(Video) Encouragement Is Essential For Your Success. Read This To Find Out Why (Ep. 42)

Award-winning speaker, author, and Encouragement Engineer, Bob Brumm, first learned about positivity at the tender age of 6. Losing his mother and several close family members within a short period of time was difficult, but ultimately helped Bob move forward in his life with resilience and determination.

“That’s the difference in positivity,” says Bob. “You’ve got to see that one glimmer of hope.” That glimmer of hope has carried Bob through different career and life experiences. He is now able to pay it forward to help people focus on a more positive outlook.

“The idea of encouragement helps bring out positiveness, helps people to connect with each other and come together as a cohesive team to get things done,” asserts Bob. “As an encouragement engineer, you show people a different way of looking at something.”

As you learn to respond to a situation instead of react to it, that situation becomes a choice learning opportunity. “Positivity is the fuel your body needs to get through life,” says Bob. You can then live life with more purpose, direction, and focus.

In this episode, learn how encouragement and a positive attitude helps you move toward goal achievement.

Discover for Yourself:

  • -What is positivity and encouragement? 
  • -How does our attitude affect life decisions and goals?
  • -How does positivity help to achieve your goals?
  • -What are some success stories as people have used encouragement to achieve their goals?
  • -What are some steps people can take to use positivity as a tool to achieve their goals?

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