A Guide to Creating the Amazing Life You Want at Any Age (Ep. 41)

Several years ago, financial speaker and author Vicki Wusche was at a crossroads. Finding herself as a single mom, her children became the motivation to help her focus on success. Gaining control over her finances helped Vicki create an amazing life and a quality lifestyle filled with learning, fun, and connections for herself and her children. 

“We tend to stagnate as a people unless something prods us to move,” says Vicki. “Something positive needed to drive me forward. You can choose something positive that will help move you forward.”

In this episode, learn how overcoming challenges can help you achieve your personal goals.

Discover an Amazing Life for Yourself:

  • What are some common myths about challenges? 
  • What role do challenges play in achieving your goals?
  • What are some success stories as people have used their challenges to enhance the quality of their lives?
  • What are some steps people can take to turn their personal challenges into opportunities for growth and create an amazing life?

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