(Video) The Road to Healing and Recovery Just Got Easier with These Simple Steps (Ep. 38)

Health and wellness coach Joey Pollaro teaches based on his own lived experience. After years of alcohol and drug abuse, Joey decided he didn’t want to live that kind of life.

On his way to becoming clean and sober, however, he began to abuse food as a way to overcome the depression and negative thoughts that overcame him. Emotional eating and the negative side effects plagued him for another 6 years.

It was then Joey decided to make a permanent change.

“I decided I couldn’t live this way anymore. It was then that I committed to taking back my health and taking back my life. Food choices play a gigantic part in that [decision].”

His relationship with food went from a focus on comfort to a focus on fuel.

In this episode, learn the role of food choices in the healing process.

Discover for Yourself:

  • Why are food choices so important? 
  • How do your food choices affect life decisions and goals?
  • How does food and wellness contribute to the healing process?
  • What are some success stories as people have used food and wellness to overcome various ailments?
  • What are some steps people can take to use food and wellness as a tool to achieve their health goals?

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