(Video) Become a Better Caregiver with These Health Tips (Ep. 36)

Irina Strunina, a health strategist, cooking coach, and public speaker at SmartMove360, brings awareness of the physical and emotional traumas faced by caregivers. She issues a clarion call and a sense of urgency for caregivers to take care of themselves as they care for others.

Irina asserts that when caregivers take care of their own health, ensuring that they themselves are strong and capable, there are better results for those they care for.

In this episode, learn the importance of taking care of your own health in order to care for others.

Discover for Yourself about Being a Caregiver:

-Why is it often a struggle for people to prioritize their health? 
-How is taking care of your own health an act of service to others?
-What are some success stories as people have focused on their own health?
-How has their ability to care for others grown as a result?
-What steps can people take to balance caring for themselves and for others?

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