(Video) Productivity Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Learn These 4 Essential Routines (Ep. 35)

Do you feel less productive than you could be?

Do your goals always seem to be just out of reach?

The importance of food and wellness on productivity cannot be overstated.

According to Stewardship Coach Scott Maderer, managing time is really about managing energy. By discovering when you are at your best, you can maximize opportunities throughout the day.

In this video, learn four essential routines that can generate more focus, energy, and meaning to your life regardless of your profession.

Discover for Yourself:

  • -How does productivity affect life decisions and goals?
  • -How does food and wellness contribute to productivity (and vice versa)?
  • -What are some success stories as people have used food and wellness to strengthen their productivity?
  • -What are some steps people can take to start maximizing the day?
  • -What resources are particularly helpful for those trying to improve their productivity?

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