(Video) Discover What Industry Insiders Say About the Distinctive Connection Between Food and Mental Health (Ep. 32)

The importance of food and wellness on mental health is often underestimated. That connection, however, affects people in all aspects of their lives – including the workplace.

Helen Ginman, the founder of Unique and Inclusive Wellbeing, emphasizes the power of food choices available in the workplace.

As food and wellness options are disseminated to people throughout an organization, they can in turn make better health decisions that contribute to mental health.

From cooking demos, to access to nutritional information, food options spark creativity with not only the food choices you make, but also with such things as productivity, morale, and innovation.

Check out our interview to learn how organizations can be more proactive in providing effective food and wellness solutions.

Discover for Yourself:

  • – How does mental health affect life decisions and goals?
  • – How does mental health contribute to building healthy habits (and vice versa)?
  • – What role does food play in mental health?
  • – What are some success stories as people learn to strengthen their mental health?
  • – What are some steps people can take to use food and wellness to improve their mental health?

Connect with Helen Ginman:

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