Confidently Conquering Unique Health Challenges in the Non-Profit Sector (Ep. 31)

Liza Baker brings out the best in women involved in mission-driven work. 

As a non-profit consultant, she understands what women go through to make their mission-driven work successful. 

Whether they have hit rock bottom in terms of their health, or they simply want to tighten up their health routines, Liza affirms that better health of those running the organization leads to better organizational health overall.

In this episode, we explore the unique health goals and challenges of those in the non-profit sector, and how people can balance their health among their responsibilities.

Discover for Yourself:

  • – What is mission-driven work 
  • – What those in mission-driven work should focus on when it comes to their health
  • – The challenges to maintaining your health in mission-driven work
  • – What health resources are particularly helpful for those in the non-profit sector
  • – Success stories of people who have balanced their health among their responsibilities

Connect with Liza Baker:

Website: Simply Health Coaching

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