(Video) Here’s What People Are Saying About Using Food for Life Success (Ep. 30)

Do the skills you learn in the kitchen help you in other aspects of life?

The answer is undoubtedly YES!

Food has the power to connect you with your inner self, your skills, your dreams, and your sense of optimism and passion.

Food can build your organization and planning skills, your leadership development, and help you manage daily stress.

Food experiences yield life success!

Lucy Milanova is a Mindfulness, Life Purpose, and Transformation Coach in Career and HR Advisory. She finds such skills as focus, creativity, direction, science, and reading as she develops delicious meals for herself, family, and friends.

Lucy is happier and more successful in life because of her food experiences.

As you change your food perspective, you can literally change your life!

Discover for Yourself:

  • How food can be an instrument in life transformation
  • Factors that contribute to skill development
  • How culinary skills transfer to other areas of life
  • The role of creativity on the food experience
  • How food builds life success

Connect with Lucy Milanova:

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