(Video) From Fear to Fabulous: The Courage to Rebuild Your Life After an Eating Disorder (Ep. 28)

As a Conscious Wardrobe Stylist, Carol Hanson helps women look and feel fabulous when they get dressed.

Yet it wasn’t always that way.

For over 20 years, Carol suffered from an eating disorder that left her traumatized and lacking self-confidence.

After a sports injury served as a wakeup call, Carol became more committed to her health.

Now she pays it forward as she helps women feel confident about their style, their body image, and their life.

In this video, learn how to rebuild your life after an eating disorder.

Discover for Yourself:

  • Factors contributing to eating disorders
  • Motivations to seek help
  • Challenges to overcoming eating disorders
  • Helpful tips and resources to overcome an eating disorder
  • How to rebuild your relationship with food

Connect with Carol Hanson:

Carol A Hanson Website

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