(Video) Thrive as You Age by Mastering Important Facts (Ep. 25)

What does it mean to thrive as you age?

Alexi Bracey knows firsthand the importance of thriving as you age. As a cancer survivor, she turned her life around and became a plant-based chef and anti-aging coach. After seeing the devastating affects of dementia in people younger than herself, Alexi vowed to live long and help others to thrive in their later years.

Don’t grow old gracefully – thrive as you age! In this interview with Alexi Bracey, learn how to optimize your health as you develop an anti-aging lifestyle.

Discover for Yourself:

  • What it means to thrive as you age
  • Challenges to developing an anti-aging lifestyle

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Cancer saved my life 20 years ago by shifting my career path to one of a plant-based chef, Healthy Environment Expert and Heart Math Resilience Coach. Another life changing experience was a nursing home visit where I saw the lack of communication, no eye contact and food being cut up like for a child. These women were all suffering from dementia and some were younger than me. I coach/mentor women 55 plus ( we are 3 times more at risk) be proactive in the brain health so they can “live long, die young”

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