(Video) Discover Mind Numbing Facts about Food and Fitness (Ep. 23)

Are you torn between food and fitness?

You CAN have both – and excel in the process!

Serena Sabala, Certified Yoga Teacher, Plant-Based Nutrition Consultant, and Fitness Trainer at Whole Shift Wellness has created a balance between food and fitness that helps you maximize your body’s natural desire for health and wellbeing.

In this video, Serena debunks myths about food and fitness and helps you refocus toward a healthier you!

Discover for Yourself:

  • Common mistakes people make when trying to improve their fitness and nutrition
  • The importance of synchronizing food and fitness
  • Helpful resources to combine the two

Connect with Serena Sabala:

Website at Whole Shift Wellness

Buy Serena’s Book, Make the Shift: A Proven Method for Busy Professionals to Transform Their Health, Wellbeing and Confidence

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