Is it Possible to Rewrite Your Life Story?

The book Personality Isn’t Permanent: Break Free from Self-limiting Beliefs and Rewrite Your Story by Dr. Benjamin Hardy is a dynamic journey through life that is taking the psychology world by storm! 

The book helps you understand that you are not tied down by what happens in your life. Your experiences provide insight, guidance, and direction to make appropriate decisions.

I started the book ready to change. I finished the book rejuvenated and inspired to begin a new chapter in my life!

In-Depth Examples

The real-life accounts are very relatable. They pull you in and leave you hungry for more. You can see yourself in those situations and feel the struggles. The detailed walkthrough of the examples helps guide you toward solutions.

I loved the story of a woman who stifled her creativity because of a demeaning comment by a teacher. It was interesting to see how that one comment from the teacher held her down and continues to haunt her. 

Dr. Hardy encourages people not to cling to negative comments. Those things may serve as constructive criticism. But they should not be mistaken as a definition of who you are.

Interactive Exercises

There are plenty of exercises in the book to stretch your mind. Each chapter has a variety of challenges to help you summarize the information and apply it to your life. 

A variety of thought prompts examine how you feel about different personality situations. You can then rewrite your story and create your future self.

The thought prompts apply to both professional and personal situations. They help stretch you to look at a situation from different perspectives. You may then consider possible solutions to any challenges you may be facing.

You get out of this book what you put into it. Make time to complete the exercises (not in your head, but on paper). Doing this yields much more direction and productivity than a passive read. Don’t read this book, consume it!

Actionable Tips

One profound quote struck me. “His goals shaped his destiny. His destiny shaped his actions. His action shaped who he was and who he was becoming.” 

That quote emphasized to me the importance of setting goals to become your future self. It also stresses the importance of checking in on your goals from time to time. Dr. Hardy does that throughout his book and challenges you to think outside the book.

The takeaway messages are clear and compelling. They persuade you to step into the unknown, face your fears, and seek courage in the thick of uncertainty. The book encourages you to make a clean break from the past and create your future self.

Definitive Encouragement

I, like so many other people, have taken a variety of personality tests over the years. With each test, the results become engrained into the fabric of your being.

Yet we change over the years as different things happen to us. For me, the book was like finding a missing puzzle piece. After reading this book, I no longer feel constrained to take on a certain personality.

The book left me feeling relieved, hopeful and more focused on my life. Being decisive about my future self is more helpful than any personality test.

Dr. Hardy teaches the basics of personality and how to put aside myths and move forward with your life. He helps you turn to good examples in your life, and decide for yourself who you want to become. 

Dr. Hardy helps you feel invigorated and empowered in rewriting your story. This book will transform you from living in the past to becoming your future self.

If you enjoyed Dr. Hardy’s first book, Willpower Doesn’t Work, you will love Personality Isn’t Permanent. His new book has all the passion and motivation of the first book, but with an extra dose of actionability.

I look forward to future books from Dr. Benjamin Hardy!

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