(Video) Emotional Eating (Ep. 13)

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What are you really hungry for?

According to Andrea Caprio, the founder of Wellness Methods and an emotional eating expert, what you are really hungry for has less to do with food, and more to do with managing your emotions. Emotions and life experiences are often trigger points to emotional eating and other health issues.  

In this video, discover the root causes of emotional eating and the critical steps to recovery as you employ the power of food for energy, livelihood, and life!

Discover for Yourself:

  • Defining emotional eating
  • Discovering the root causes of emotional eating
  • Understanding why it’s often so difficult to overcome emotional eating
  • Lighting the spark toward emotional eating recovery
  • Learning essential steps to overcoming emotional eating
  • Appreciating the true benefits of food for your physical and emotional well-being 

For more information about Andrea Caprio and her work with emotional eating, please visit her website at WellnessMethods.com.

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