(Video) Regenerative Food Systems (Ep. 12)

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What does it mean to thrive?

According to Loghan Call, a regenerative foods chef and founder of Planted Cuisine, thriving revolves around 3 vital principles:

  • Sourcing: Ensuring the highest quality of food possible by getting it from clean and reliable sources
  • Diversity: Eating a variety of foods
  • Moderation: Avoiding overconsumption

In this video, discover how Loghan helps people get back into kitchen and enjoy healthy eating through regenerative food systems – a system to reconnect with food at its source.

Discover for Yourself:

  • Defining regenerative food systems and intuitive eating
  • Understanding the importance of the story behind the food
  • Integrating sourcing, diversity, and moderation into your food choices
  • Using food to build connections
  • Recognizing the role of food in your life
  • Employing food as a tool for life success

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For more information on Loghan Call and his work with regenerative food systems, please visit his website at PlantedCuisine.com. He can also be reached via email at Loghan[at]plantedcuisine[dot]com.

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