(Video) Food as Recovery from Addictions (Ep. 11)

How do you use food as recovery from addictions?

“Eating starts in your mind!” says Dianne Racek, Health and Life Coach at Panacea Holistic Coaching in Maryland. Dianne is passionate about using food as a catalyst for health and wellbeing. She works with clients to build a positive relationship with food, and that process acts as a catalyst for their addiction recovery.

Dianne’s energy and enthusiasm for recovery is amazing! She goes above and beyond traditional recovery programs to help clients heal, revitalize, and take on a new perspective as they turn their lives around.

Dianne Racek

(Photo courtesy of Dianne Racek)

Discover for yourself:

The role of food in addiction recovery

How to rebuild a relationship with food, and allowing that food to assist in addiction recovery

Skills vital to addiction recovery

The power of food memories in recovery

Helpful resources for people going through addiction recovery


To learn more about using food as addiction recovery, contact Dianne Racek:

Panacea Holistic Coaching Website 

Panacea Holistic Coaching Facebook Page

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