(Video) Cooking Up Life Success

Michelle Seidling with Lynn Elliott representing cooking for life success

Michelle with Lynn Elliott. Life skills happen one bite at a time.

How does cooking prepare you for life success?

Lynn Elliott brings people together in the kitchen! As the President, Chief Dishwasher, and Owner of the Way Cool Cooking School in Minnesota, Lynn creates a teaching and learning environment through food. From cooking classes for kids to corporate team building, Lynn puts the COOL back into cooking.  Her cooking classes and events educate, entertain, and inspire people to work together, build their culinary skills, and create lasting memories.

In this video, Lynn Elliott explains how culinary skill building and experiences in the kitchen are the secret ingredients for a positive food experience.

Discover for yourself how to:

·     Spark cooking passion
·     Channel culinary creativity
·     Build relationships (at home, work, school, and in the community)
·     Foster team building
·     Instill a desire for culinary learning
·     Create life success

Part 1:


Cooking for Life Success is part of the Food Experience Unplugged Video Series. The series spotlights a variety of ways people make the connection between food and life success, and demonstrates how you can use these “ingredients” to create positive food experiences in your own life.

Part 2:


To learn more about the Way Cool Cooking School, please visit their website at waycoolcookingschool.com


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