(Video) Navigating Food Allergies

How do food allergies create an unhealthy relationship with food, and how can you rebuild that relationship to create positive food experiences?

Navigating Food Allergies is part of the Food Experience Unplugged Video Series. The series spotlights a variety of ways people make the connection between food and life success, and demonstrates how you can use these “ingredients” to create positive food experiences in your own life.

Tonya Tripp has been navigating the world of food allergies for many years. After years of food sickness and redefining “normal”, Tonya discovered she had celiac. Celiac is an autoimmune disease where the consumption of gluten leads to damage in the small intestine.

Since then, she has turned her food allergies upside down. Her continuing quest is now to discover new food and flavor combinations. Doing this helps her focus on the positive aspects of the food experience.

Michelle Seidling and Tonya Tripp representing food allergies and positive food experiences

Michelle with Tonya Tripp. Having food allergies can be a great opportunity to rediscover food.

Discover for yourself:

·     How food allergies change your relationship with food
·     How to do food research as you navigate food allergies
·     How to create positive food experiences regardless of your eating situation

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