(Video) The Role of Taste in Creating Positive Food Experiences

The Role of Taste in Creating Positive Food Experiences is part of the Food Experience Unplugged Video Series. The series spotlights a variety of ways people create positive food experiences, and demonstrates how you can use these “ingredients” to create positive food experiences in your own life.

Get ready to take your taste buds for a wild and crazy ride!

Morgan and Char Coleman, two of the owners of Taste, a tasting boutique in Utah, have perfected the art of the food experience. They make their own line of fine chocolate. They also offer other chocolates, oils, and vinegars from around the world. Thinking outside the box is one of their keys to a positive food experience. Morgan and Char help people explore the possibilities of unique – and often surprising – ingredient and flavor combinations to bring a wow factor into the culinary equation.

Michelle Seidling with Morgan and Char Coleman representing The Role of Taste in Creating Positive Food Experiences

Michelle with Morgan and Char Coleman. Bringing out taste and flavor in food necessitates thinking outside the box.

What is the role of taste in creating positive food experiences? PLENTY! In this video, Morgan and Char show us the importance of experimentation and discovery when it comes to the food experience.







Discover for yourself:

·     The experiential nature of the food experience
·     How small differences in ingredients and/or cooking techniques make a big difference in how a dish turns out
·     The fine art of flavor development
·     How to seek out new tastes and food experiences

To learn more about Taste– the tasting boutique, please visit their website at https://havetaste.com

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: What experiences in this video impacted you the most? How can YOU experiment with different foods and ingredients? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!

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