(Video) Positive Food Experiences and the Health-Wealth Connection


Good health does not occur in a vacuum. It is intricately connected with other aspects of your life. Nutrition and finance is one example. Sarah Johnson, a partner with Yes Wealth Management, helps us understand that connection between your financial and your physical health.

The health-wealth connection carries with it an opportunity for you to benefit in multiple aspects of life. As you get the right nutrition and exercise, obtain the healthcare you need, and acquire the resources you need, you provide a foundation to fulfill your goals throughout your life. Food makes your life more meaningful.

health-wealth connection and lifestyle balance

Photo courtesy of Sarah Johnson

Sarah’s energy and enthusiasm for the health-wealth connection helps us to understand its importance. Making that connection, and taking the initiative to complete the needed steps for good financial and physical health are imperative to your life.

In this video, learn the reciprocal relationship between positive food experiences and the health-wealth connection:

·      Understand the importance of the health-wealth connection and lifestyle balance

·      Create the health-wealth connection

·      Find the right team combination to achieve your physical and financial health goals

·      Decrease your stress level through the power of information

·      Make a big difference in your life through small changes in nutrition and finance

To learn more about Sarah’s work with the health-wealth connection and lifestyle balance, please visit her website at yeswealth.com

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