6 Ways Successful People Have Positive Food Experiences

To successful people, having positive food experiences is not just for the kitchen or for mealtime. It is through those experiences that you acquire the skills for life success.

The principles of positive food experiences have to do with interacting with friends and family and with bonding as a people. Those experiences add a lot to the memories you have. Associating food with positive things, and experiencing food in positive ways helps to develop more than just a memory.

You develop a respect for food. The experiences incorporate other important aspects of life: organization, planning, orchestrating events, etc. The fact that you are having positive experiences with people in general is also important. You are developing relationships with food as the medium.

6 Ways that Successful People Have Positive Food Experiences

1.     Plan your meals.

Successful people know that to have a positive food experience, you need to create it. It doesn’t just happen without effort. By doing meal planning, whether it is on a weekly or monthly schedule (or some other period of time), taking into account special requests, dietary needs, budget, and motivations to try different recipes, they can create tasty, nutrition meals within their budget and time constraints.

2.     Understand the power, quality, and quantity of food ingredients.

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Make time to learn about ingredients.

They read about the benefits of different ingredients. They do food research, whether it is web searches, accessing resources at a local library, or other means. They understand what healthy food choices are. They have a desire to make those healthy food choices. They understand how they feel health wise when they eat certain foods.

3.     Take into account the people factor.

This includes with whom you are eating, and the motivations and intentions of those people.

4.     Become a lifelong learner.

They are willing to try their hand at using different kitchen gadgets, cooking with different ingredients, and building their culinary skills. They are not afraid to dance with food, so to speak.

5.     Set realistic goals for your food experiences.

Whether they try a new recipe each month, take a cooking class, or just understand the concept of food attitudes. They set reasonable goals and stick to them as they work toward their fulfillment.

6.     Teach others.

Teaching and learning go hand in hand. As we teach others, we ourselves learn the subject matter even better. You don’t need to be an expert to teach someone. You can impart of your knowledge and then learn together as you discover new information.

Starting Point for Change

Through food itself, and using it in a positive and clean way, it affects many different areas of your life. As you start making small changes in your life (being more cognizant of food, etc.), you will see a big difference. Instead of using food as a comfort, you can see it as a joy and a medium for joy and life success.

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Start small.

The entrance point is to start small. Don’t try to tackle everything. Start with the core principles. Then you can add on other goals later. You can make conscious decisions to change and do things that will really help you. Those decisions can be as small as deciding to eat healthier, cooking with family or friends, and showing others that you are committed to change.

Utilize food in a healthy manner. Try to eat healthy and clean – meaning not a lot of preservatives, etc. Eat clean with fresh herbs and fresh ingredients. Eating properly will help you be more active and interactive with life. As you try to eat healthy, you become healthier over time (physically, socially, emotionally, mentally, etc.). You have the energy to do more and to achieve your goals. You have to start somewhere, so why not begin with clean, healthy eating?

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: What are some other ways that you have had positive food experiences?


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