6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Kitchen Gadgets to Help you Create a Positive Food Experience

Kitchen gadgets are all about making the cooking process quicker and easier. Nobody wants to spend inordinate amounts of time in the kitchen – no matter how much of a foodie you are. If you can get a quality result in less time, go for it!

Kitchen Gadgets Defined

Gadgets are generally tools used to prepare the food, but not to cook the food. Examples of kitchen gadgets include can openers, hand choppers, and garlic presses. Appliances, on the other hand, are typically motorized and can be used to both cook and prepare food. Kitchen appliances may include stoves, rice cookers, crock-pots, bread makers, etc. There is often a gray area between the two terms. This post uses the two terms generally interchangeably.

6 Ways Kitchen Gadgets Are Important to the Food Experience

1. Quality Results and Timesaving Features

Many kitchen gadgets reduce the amount of time needed to cook the meal. Our food processor often comes to mind, as it has “saved my bacon” in many situations when I was pressed for time. Kitchen gadgets make the food preparation and cooking less time consuming. You can still enjoy a quality meal without spending lots of time in the kitchen. Thus, cooking a quality meal (and having a positive food experience) becomes more doable. That helps people to focus on trying to create the food experience they want without being bogged down by the overall amount of effort it takes to create it.

Gadgets are made to produce quality results AND save time. Infrared grills, pressure cookers, and similar items are good examples. Pressure cookers help to cook food faster. They also work well if you have a tough piece of meat that you need to cook. Pressure cookers can make tough meat very tender.

2. Multi-Functionality Can Save Both Time and Space

Multi-function gadgets are also very useful. You can save space in your kitchen while still getting the same benefit. Unless your kitchen is the size of one of the many kitchen stores (e.g., Williams Sonoma, Crate and Barrel), space-saving gadgets come in very handy. One example is a toaster oven. While some toaster ovens are simple by design, others may have multiple features such as helping bread to rise, dehydrating food, etc. You don’t necessarily need several different gadgets to accomplish the same task.

In terms of saving time, pressure cookers can be more effective than crock-pots. Sure, you can place all the ingredients in a crock-pot, and then have a delicious and healthy meal when you arrive home. However, pressure cookers take much less time, so you can have that delicious meal in minutes instead of hours.

For example, my mother-in-law had a pressure cooker. It was the heavy type that went on the stove. It had a weight attached to the cover that jingled as it cooked. The cover had a gauge so you knew how much pressure was in the cooker. The newer pressure cookers are encapsulated such that they don’t let the steam out. You don’t even smell the food cooking (whether that is a good or bad thing is in the eye of the chef).

3. Healthier Cooking

food processor representing kitchen gadgets

Gadgets focus on quality and convenience.

Gadgets focus on quality and convenience. In the case of such as an air fryer, for example, they also focus on cooking food in a healthier way.

If you can cook healthier in less time, it’s going to improve your life. Ultimately it’s going to help you to eat better, have more energy, and enjoy life. There’s a lot that can happen based on what you do with food, how you experience food, and what you use food for.

4. Investment in Quality Resources

You can create positive food experiences by investing in various kitchen gadgets. Perhaps your current circumstances do not permit you to buy such things as a pressure cooker, crock-pot, or air fryer. You can still do the best you can with the kitchen items that you DO have.

hand shredder representing kitchen gadgets

Learn to use what you have.

Learn to use what you have. Even if all you have is a hand-me-down set of kitchen knives, you can make the time to learn knife skills (skill and safety). There are also many people who want to utilize the advantage of these gadgets, and have the means to acquire them, but choose not to do so because of their time constraints (they don’t even have time to acquire something that will help them to SAVE time).

5. Teaching and Learning Situations

Kitchen gadgets help you create positive food experiences by completing many kitchen tasks in less time, but with the same quality results. Kitchen gadgets are a teaching gateway. There is a learning curve when you first get the gadget. Once you gain that proficiency, you build self-confidence. You show that initiative for both teaching and learning.

Once you start planning and preparing your own meals, it creates a positive chain reaction. Eating out or buying prepared food is expensive. When you switch to homemade meals, you save money, you are eating healthier, and you are teaching others (family members, friends, etc.).

6. Focusing on Things that Matter

Sometimes people want to create something good, but do not have time. They want to spend time cooking a quality meal, but time is of the essence. In these situations, there is sometimes the temptation to head for the nearest fast food restaurant. If you can create a situation where you can cook quality food quickly, then that becomes a win-win situation.

You CAN have it both ways; you just have to direct your energies and resources appropriately. You create a better food experience by using the time and resources to do so.

Lighting the Spark of Knowledge

You don’t need to walk into a kitchen store and buy one of everything. Build your knowledge base by using what you have, and find good examples of how to use those gadgets to create positive food experiences.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: What are the obstacles that prevent you from cooking a healthy, quality meal? How can kitchen gadgets help you create a positive food experience?

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