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Food is fuel for the body. Yet you may often forget that.

Perhaps you don’t connect the dots between how you feel and the food you eat.

In your efforts to do more, you may not see food as means of success in your everyday life.

You may feel healthy eating is out of your reach.

  • ...or unrealistic.
  • ...or too expensive.
  • ...or time consuming.
  • ...or not important.
  • ...or too complicated.

As a consequence, you may develop medical problems, suffer less clarity in your daily efforts, and lack the energy and self-confidence to pursue your life goals.

If you don’t take control of food, food will take control of you.

It’s time to take charge of your health!

Why work with us?

Pioneering a signature instruction known as the Six Principles of Positive Food Experiences, Food Experience Unplugged goes beyond traditional eating plans to help working professionals optimize food as fuel and transform their food perspectives from the inside out in order to live healthier and more joyous lives.

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The Mindful Eating Diet

Take the guesswork out of mealtime and develop the daily habits you need to plan, prepare, and consume healthy meals.
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Food Experience Connection

Alleviate the stress often associated with food and mealtime to develop daily habits to help you fulfill your food experience goals.
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